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Research interests

My research focusses on interdisciplinary performance practice and possible approaches to developing or acquiring skills within a production context. My doctoral projects examines the ways in which divergent skills can be incorporated within a rehearsal process and whether the established processes of training can equip performers with the adaptable skills necessary to create interdisciplinary work. I am particularly interested in the methods and processes by which cognitive understanding becomes embedded as seemingly instinctive corporeal knowledge and the extent to which this physical knowledge can be adapted.


Recent papers


'Perpetual Improvment: Potentiality and a Globalised Ideology of Training'. TaPRA Annual Conference, Performer Training WG. University of Salford. 30 August 2017.

'Interdisciplinarity and Opera: Progress or Paradox?' TaPRA Interim Event, Performer Training WG. University of York. 22nd May 2017.

'Nurturing the Individual: Performance training as child development and the commodification of confidence'. 21st Century Performance and Research Conference, University of Malta. 9-11 March 2016.

'Rehearsing (inter)disciplinarity: bodily skill in interdisciplinary production practivce and the 10,000 hour problem - a provocation'. TaPRA annual conference, Performer Training Working Group, University of Worcester. 8-10 September 2015.

'The skill behind the spectacle of War Horse: Embodied Knowledge and skill development in the rehearsal room'. Performance and Interdisciplinarity Conference, University of Malta. 27-28 March 2015.

'The skill behind the spectable of War Horse: training and skill development within the rehearsal room'. People and Processes: Behind the Scenes of Theatre and Performance. TaPRA interim event, PG working group, University of Manchester. 7 February 2015.

'An issue of Horse and Hound: hybridity and interdisciplinarity as creative solutions in A Dog's Heart and War Horse'. Merging Media Conference, University of Kent. 1 February 2014.

 'Testing boundaries; interdisciplinarity and the voice'. Training and the Voice, TaPRA Interim Event, Training Working Group, University of Portsmouth. 7 May 2014.


Personal profile

I completed my undergraduate degree at Royal Holloway in 2006 and went on to work as a freelance assistant director in opera for companies such as Opera Della Luna, Opera by Definition and Scottish Opera. I returned to complete my MA in Directing in 2010 where my final piece, Bryony Lavery's More Light, won the Next Stage award, allowing me to direct and produce the production for my company Half Remembered Dreams at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012.


Most recently I delivered the Drama, Theatre and Performance Histories module for first year students at the University of Portsmouth. Prior to this I was engaged at the University of Winchester to deliver and manage the Voice and Context and Theories of Voice modules to first and second year students on the Vocal and Chorul Studies programme in the Department of Performing Arts.

Previously, I was engaged as Visiting Lecturer at Royal Holloway between 2013-15 to teach the' Theatre and Text' module to first year undergradutes. During this time I also delivered the 'Theatre and Ideas Two: The Idea of Acting' to second year undergraduates, enjoying the interplay on both courses between theory and practice. I am looking forward to returning to the department to teach Theatre and Ideas: The Idea of Knowledge and the Body in September 2017.


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