Professor Laura Mickes

Personal profile

I am a Professor in the Department of Psychology. I also hold a Visiting Scholar appointment in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, San Diego, where I earned my PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science.


I conduct research mainly on memory and decision-making. Both theoretical and applied aspects interest me. Some of types of questions I try to answer include: What explains the superiority of one identification procedure over another? How can we improve eyewitness evidence? Why is memory better for social media posts than for other types of information? Signal detection theory often guides my thinking on these issues.

My work is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (UK), British Academy (UK), DSTL (UK) National Science Foundation (USA), and Australian Research Council (Australia). 

Please visit my lab website for papers and articles, tutorials, lab news, etc.

Research Impact

Because my work has implications for policy, I work with policymakers and other decision-makers in the criminal justice system and education. For example,

  • My research on eyewitness memory shows that eyewitness evidence is not as unreliable as its reputation, but proper procedures must be followed (i.e., collect expressions of confidence in the ID of a lineup procedure at the initial ID procedure).
  • Policymakers in the US recommend that police collect confidence at initial ID procedure.
  • By doing so, fewer innocent suspects will be wrongfully investigated and convicted. 


I teach on the following courses: 

PS1021 Learning & Memory

PS2080 Conceptual Issues in Psychology 

PS3193 Advanced Statistics

PS5303 Cognitive, Social, and Neuroscience Approaches to Forensic Investigations (Course Coordinator)


I produce a podcast called Psych Pubcast where researchers are interviewed about their latest publications in a pub with a pint. Listen here.

My lab partakes in as many outreach activities as possible, such as at the Royal Holloway Science Festival

ID: 17257658