Dr Krista Godfrey

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Educational background

BSc(Hons) Information Systems, 1st Class


Association for Information Systems

Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy

Research interests

My research explored the interaction between internal heritage personnel and the public over social media.  Focusing on the phenomenon of crowdsourcing and what it means to the individuals involved with it, my research sought to understand: to what extent, and in what circumstances, can crowdsourcing help heritage professionals protect, preserve and promote National heritage? 

I undertook a qualitative, interpretive study of three UK Armed Forces museums. To facilitate a comparative analysis, I selected these organisations on the basis of size, ability to connect with contemporary ('living memory') accounts provided by the public, and the degree of technological engagement. I employed Grounded Theory Methodology (Glaser & Strauss, 1967) to code and analyse interview data.

My research employed the conceptual framework of Networks of Practice (Brown & Duguid, 1998) to gain insight into how museum personnel employ, instigate, and respond to the activity of crowdsourcing as a means of social media interaction and engagement with the public.  My thesis enhances and extends current interpretations of electronic networks of practice from the perspective of those heritage stakeholders who perceive crowdsourcing as a means of developing communities of interest around their organisations. My findings present a new form of electronic network: a network of public.  Understanding the way in which electronic networks have developed through contemporary uses of social media, will allow heritage management to better recognise the challenges involved with protecting and promoting their collections, along with enabling heritage stakeholders to benefit from the experience of others within their field in proactively engaging the public.

My interest in this subject stems from setting up and running a World War II website and my own use of social media to engage with the public.

I also tutor with The Brilliant Club teaching both a pre-designed philosophy course, and one based upon my own PhD research topic, to pupils in areas of low participation.  I have taught at KS3, KS4 and KS5 and am now an Advanced Skills Tutor with this organisation.


Royal Holloway Teaching

2017: Information Systems Workshops, School of Management
2014: IS995 IT Essentials: What you need to know
2014: IS164 Further Word 2013 Techniques for Projects and Dissertations

Outreach Teaching
The Brilliant Club - PhD Advanced Skills Tutor (KS5, KS4 and KS3)

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