Dr Knut Lange

Personal profile

Knut joined Royal Holloway's School of Management in August 2014. Prior to joining the School, he worked at the University of Surrey and as a research fellow at Humboldt and Free University in Berlin. In addition, he worked as a post-doc researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne and the University of Groningen at the Department of International Business and Management, where he also did his PhD.

Research interests: comparative country studies, institutional theory, family businesses & family offices, emerging markets, entrepreneurial education, innovation, and international entrepreneurship


PhD supervision:

I have supervised doctoral students and act as an external PhD supervisor in collaboration with Southampton Business School. Currently, I am interested in taking on new doctoral students in the following topical areas:

  • Family businesses, especially in emerging markets
  • Comparative country studies
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Institutionalism and multinational enterprises
  • Institutions and innovation
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Family offices


Selected refereed journal articles: 'Institutions and the prevalence of multinationals' knowledge-augmenting subsidiaries', British Journal of Management (2018); 'Exploring the interaction of firm-level change and national institutional environments in shaping employment and union relations. A Comparative Case Study of four European Airlines', The International Journal of Human Resource Management (in print); 'Divergent patterns in institutional entrepreneurship of MNCs in emerging economies. Critical Perspectives on International Business (2017); 'The Global Field of Multi-Family Offices. An Institutionalist Perspective', Journal of Financial Services Marketing (2016); 'Changing Business Models and Employee Representation in the Airline Industry. A Comparison of British Airways and Lufthansa', British Journal of Management (2015); ‘One size does not fit all: Entrepreneurial families’ reliance on family offices', European Management Journal (2014); 'Financing innovations in uncertain networks-Filling in roadmap gaps in the semiconductor industry', Research Policy (2013); 'Exploring a Secretive Organization: What Can We Learn About Family Offices From the Public Sphere?', Organizational Dynamics (2013); 'Path Constitution Analysis - A Methodology for Understanding Path Dependence and Path Creation', Business Research (2012); 'Institutional Embeddedness and the Strategic Leeway of Actors: The Case of the German Therapeutic Biotech Industry', Socio-Economic Review (2009).



- Director of Multinational Enterprises (MN2225)

- Director of Multinational Enterprises (MN2226K) (Kaplan, Singapore)


My office hours:

Tuesday 14.30 - 16.30

ID: 19455696