Miss Kirsten Broekman

Personal profile

I am a new scholar and theatre practitioner. My research interests focus on the field of applied theatre; aesthetics, economics, developing contexts and (post) conflict contexts. More specifically, my artistic practice and professional research concentrate around the economics and the aesthetics of applied theatre as a language to assess applied theatre performances and simultaneously for practitioners to talk about aesthetic notions within the field of applied theatre. As a theatre practitioner, I have been involved in conducting projects with different communities, and I have experience with planning and managing a series of projects with diverse community groups in a variety of countries, such as Moroccan schools in the Netherlands, young people in Brazilian favelas, disabled children in rural areas of Cambodia and recovering drug users in Nicaragua. My future research plans are to build on the foundations of my PhD to further investigate the meaning of local and global economics, aesthetics, beauty and human rights within the field of applied theatre. I am interested to create a global network of scholars and applied theatre practitioners that work in the field of applied theatre in developing countries and (post) conflict settings providing opportunities for performances and creating partnerships. My teaching and research expertise lies in the areas of applied theatre,developing community projects, devising for performance, global theatre, post-conflict, post-colonial and theatre and human rights.

ID: 13386685