Mr Kiran Gadhave

Supervised by

  • Alan Gange First/primary/lead supervisor



The Royal Entomological Society

The Society for Experimental Biology

The British Ecological Society

The Entomological Society of America

The Butterfly Conservation, UK

Educational background

Masters (Plant Breeding and Genetics), Cornell University, NY, USA, Tata Fellow, 2009-2010

Master of Science (Entomology), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India, ICAR JR Fellow, 2007-2009

Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), AC, Kolhapur, India, College Merit Scholar, 2003-2007

Research interests

My research interest lies in Insect and Microbial Ecology, and Plant Sciences, with particular emphasis on multitrophic interactions across diverse species. I aim to improve our understanding of how soil microbial community can be used as potential biological control agents of major crop pests, and as mediators of insect pollination enhancement. I am using a series of lab and field experiments, and microbial and biochemical analyses to investigate the different components of interactions, including alterations in host plant chemistry, spatial and temporal variations in insect response patterns and potential microbial combinations. 

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