Mrs Kelly Centrelli

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Research interests

My research interests are heavily influenced by my background in composition and rhetoric in the States. Speech-Act theory, rhetoric, and structuralism (semiotics in particular) are all theories/genres in which I am specialise. I study early eighteenth-century satire and examine how authors' techniques shape the cultural ephemera written in response to their satires.

Educational background

I received both my BA (cum laude) and MA from Queens College, City University of New York.

MA Honour's Thesis: 'But to Return to Madness': The Rhetoric of Madness in Swift's Tale of a Tub. Supervisor: David Richter. Advisor: Carrie Hintz.

My thesis centered around the premise that the most 'maddened' sections of Swift' Tale also functioned as the most rhetorical. Chapter breakdown included: Introduction, (1) Madness and Performance, (2) Narrative Madness, and (3) The Language of Madness .


In the States, I had the pleasure of teaching Composition (Academic Writing) at the University level for Queens College, City University of New York. Using the thematic structure of comedy/satire to give students an entrance into writing, subjects covered included: brainstorming, essay structure, organization, citation, rhetoric (persuasion), integrating sources, etc. Classes were of 20 students from varying educational and linguistic backgrounds.

At Royal Holloway, I have been employed as an Academic Supervisor for Royal Holloway International's (RHI) pre-master's programme, in which I oversaw the research performed by international students in the English and History departments. I was later employed by RHI to teach intensive language courses for EFL students, teaching writing, presentation skills, note-taking skills, and other subjects relating to beginning higher education in the UK.

Other work

I am the chief editor of Exegesis Journal, an open-access, peer-reviewed, postgraduate e-journal run by volunteer postgraduates from Royal Holloway. During my time at Exegesis, I designed and developed the initial website, won nearly £1,000 in funding to redevelop the site, created two writing awards, made collaborative efforts with Royal Holloway's Generic Skills Programme and related conferences, and more.


Golden Key International Honour Society (2009-present).

Eastern-Central Society of Eighteenth Century Studies (2010-2011. Relocated to UK).

American Society of Eighteenth Century Studies (2011-present).

British Society of Eighteenth Century Studies (2011-present). 

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