Miss Katherine Bank

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Research interests

Katie Bank recently completed her doctoral studies at Royal Holloway, focusing on musical-textual relationships, musical intellectual history, and influences of the New World in early-seventeenth century English secular vocal music. She also has a degree in History and Music from Bowdoin College, an MA in Teaching (music education) from the University of Southern California, and an Mmus from King’s College London in Musicology. Her thesis is titled Music and Mine: Knowledge Building in Early Seventeenth-Century English Domestic Vocal Music.


Music, Media, & Technology (Second Year Course) - Teaching Assistant 

Historical Musicology: Medieval polyphony and 19th C German Nationalism (Second Year Course) 

Introduction to Historical Musicology (First Year Course) - Teaching Assistant

A Very Short History of Music (First Year Course) - Teaching Assistant

Contemporary Debates in Music (First Year Course) - Teaching Assistant 

Seventeenth-Century Opera (Second and Third Year Course) - Tutorial Instructor (Madgalen College, Oxford)

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