Ms Kat Joyce

Supervised by

  • Dan Rebellato First/primary/lead supervisor


  • Dick McCaw First/primary/lead supervisor


Research interests

My research interrogates the practice I have co-created with Tangled Feet, a physical ensemble who use processes of improvisation and devising, and who make work which includes apertures for audience influence, often outside of traditional theatre spaces. I investigate how this practice, which foregrounds the body and its potential for kinaesthetic affectivity, and which privileges liveness over leaving a legacy, poses challenges for mainstream theatre historiographies and critical mechanisms which often fail to adequately include the embodied presence of the artist and spectator in the analysis and neglect the body's capacity to theorise.

I explore how elements of performance such as kinaesthetic affectivity are often neglected or deprioritised in the written text, and address this through modelling close analysis of my own and others' performance work with due focus on these elements.

In socially-engaged practice like Tangled Feet's, the ways that audiences interact with the work, particularly in public spaces, are of fundamental importance to the political context of the performance. With particular reference to Arts Council England's policies concerning the broadening definition of 'theatre' in the last decade, and attendant focus on 'accessibility’, my research examines the alternative value system that funding structures create around this type of practice.


By bringing into dialogue different theorists and disciplines, including a neuroscientific view of embodied cognition and my own detailed practice observations, my research signals what some of the potentials of physical performance might be if we can release it from textual expectations, and how it can challenge expectations, social relationships and political structures. 

Personal profile

As a practitioner I am interested in creating work with a range of approaches with sole-and shared-authorship, including scripting, devising and physical improvisation. My work is often created for non-theatre spaces and remains responsive to its environment and specific audience. 

I am Co-Artistic Director of physical theatre ensemble Tangled Feet. Directing credits with the company include game? Home, Showtime, Crowd, Undercover, The Measurement Shop, Everything That Is Solid Melts Into Air, Remote Control, Push, Inflation, One Million, Kicking and Screaming, Care, Emerge/ncy (see for details).

I have also written several plays including The Translator and One Mile Away.

ID: 18443