Dr Joseph Walding

Personal profile

Office:  T110

Research interests

I have three research interests:

  1. Dark Matter
    As a member of the DEAP-3600 and DarkSide-20k experiments I search for weakly interacting massive particles, a leading dark matter candidate.
  2. Industrial applications of detector technologies
    I am developing a medical device using liquid argon detector and silicon photomultiplier SiPM technology
  3. Detection of heavy metals in water
    Exposure to lead, a heavy metal, is the leading pollution-related cause of loss of life expectancy globally.  Currently 2 of the top 10 worst pollution problems are associated with lead.  As a member of a Global Research Challenges Fund collaboration, we are applying our low-background physics knowledge to develop applications that measure heavy metals in water at the point of consumption.


PH3170:  Introduction to C++ Computing

Lecturer, Dark Matter:  London Particle Physics Postgraduate Courses:  https://www.hep.ucl.ac.uk/postgrad/teaching/

ID: 4382736