Mrs Joscelyn Cole

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Research interests

I am particularly interested in ideas of connectedness, marginality, and intersubjective relationship. As a result, my doctoral thesis, 'Spaces of becoming: subjectivity as encounter in the Thebaid', addresses questions regarding subjectivity and spatialityTaking inspiration from the “spatial turn” in the humanities, I undertake a series of close readings of encounters from throughout the Thebaid in order to reconcile the different rhythms of Statius’ narrative. These readings are centred around three main forms of space: the forest, the battlefield, and the threshold. Each chapter demonstrates how these in-between spaces dislocate and unsettle those within them, as individuals attempt to impose meaning in order to orient themselves within their environment resulting in tragedy for themselves and those around them. Yet, despite the horror and grief inherent to the Thebaid, by approaching simultaneously the physical, mental/psychological and social aspects of the places in Statius’ epic world, we become sensitive to the ways the great “rhythms” of the Thebaid unfold in complex interrelation with its more imperceptible ones, allowing for the co-existence of multiple and often competing rhythms, spaces, identities and even at times, outcomes.

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