Professor John Lewis

John Lewis

Professor John Lewis

Emeritus Professor (Biological Sciences)

Phone: +44 1784 443182

Personal profile

Emeritus Professor of Zoology (University of London Chair) and Editor Emeritus in the field of Parasitology, Cambridge University Press (Journal of Helminthology - Editor-in-Chief,1994-2016) Honorary Member of the British Society for Parasitology. Formerly Dean of Science at Royal Holloway and Head of the Centre for Environmental & Evolutionary Biology within the School of Biological Sciences.

Personal profile

Parasitology focusing on a) the ecology, ecophysiology and epidemiology of parasites in terrestrial and aquatic hosts with emphasis on structure, interactions and associations between component communities of micro and macroparasites, leading to public health implications of enteric and zoonotic infections in mammalian and human hosts ; b) development of mathematical models for assessing the inequality of infections with patterns of parasite aggregation and dispersion in host populations ; c) the influence of climate change and extreme climatic events, especially thermal stress, on host-parasite interactions including the thermodynamics of trematode parasites in endothermic hosts.

Aquatic Toxicology  focusing on a) the impact of aquatic pollution on cellular and immunological changes in fish/molluscan hosts infected with helminth parasites ; b) behavioural and ultrastructural changes in fish for identifying the cause of pollution incidents in freshwater habitats ; c) the role of bacterial exotoxins in unexplained fish mortalities.

Selected publications from 1992 are attached in the Research output ; 100 + publications during the period 1964 -1992 including two co-authored books on Parasitic Diseases of Fish (with AW Pike) and Toxocara and Toxocariasis : Clinical, Epidemiological and Molecular Perspectives (with RM Maizels ) are not attached.

Research collaborators

Dr Neil Morley (Royal Holloway University of London) - thermodynamics and the effects of climate change on host-parasite interactions.

Dr Paul Pal ( Royal Holloway University of London) -  theoretical epidemiology and development of mathematical models for host-parasite systems.

Professor Jerzy Behnke (University of Nottingham) - interactions and associations between  parasite communities and populations in mammalian hosts.

Dr Sheena Mohd-Zain (University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur) - epidemiology of enteric and zoonotic infections in mammalian and human hosts.

Dr Victor Vidal-Martinez (Cinvestav-IPN Unidad Merida, Mexico) - climate change and temporal variation in the dispersion and infection levels of parasites in tropical fish hosts.

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