Mr John King

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Research interests

My research explores the relationships between social science and public policy making.

I seek to understand how social relationships between social scientists and policy makers develop and are maintained, and how social scientists work to translate their ideas so that they can be used by policy makers. This means examining the way in which social scientific ideas are framed, how they are encoded into objects such as diagrams and research summaries, and how policy makers are brought into relationships with social scientific ideas.

For example, rapid evidence assessments are a technology through which social scientists encode their knowledge into a form that is acceptable to policy makers. Policy makers are then brought into a relationship with these objects through standardized processes and practices.

In other cases, social scientists seek to convene collaborative relationships with policy makers, or they brand and frame ideas, such as 'the Third Way' so that they are made accessible.

I seek to understand the individual, structural, political, and epistemic factors which make one strategy of intervention more appropriate than another.

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