Dr Joana Almeida

Research interests

Joana is a sociologist with research interests in sociology of health and illness and sociology of the professions. She is particularly interested in the process of regulation and professionalisation of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and CAM inclusion in mainstream healthcare; the responses of mainstream healthcare professionals, the state and healthcare corporations towards CAM; CAM and the remedicalisation and/or demedicalisation of certain human conditions (chronic pain in particular).

Joana's doctoral research focused on the relationship between the medical profession, CAM practitioners and the State in the Portuguese healthcare system. She is now starting comparative research between Portugal and the UK, and Brazil and Portugal, focusing on CAM regulation, education and training.

Joana is also working on a project on the perceptions of use of complementary and alternative medicine in women with breast cancer. She has also expanded her research interests into health, wellbeing and intimate relationship quality.


ID: 18106977