Miss Jieya Lyu

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Research interests

Jieya is a PhD candidate at School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London. Her research interest focuses on the utilisation of the human capital of ‘returnee entrepreneurs’ in a Chinese family-firm context. Former researchers of Internationalisation have tended to focus more on multinational corporations, but study in SME Internationalisation has drawn increasing interest from academia. ‘Returnee entrepreneurs’ is a term used to refer to those who were educated or worked in other countries, but decided to return home country to create a new business venture (Filatotchev et al., 2009). Nowadays, globalisation has eliminated its boundaries and accelerated internationalisation has occurred on a worldwide level, irrespective of nations, religions and ethnicities. The researcher believes the study of ‘returnee entrepreneurs’ is a new research topic which will deepen the study of accelerated internationalisation. She is currently a member of British Academy of Management (BAM). She acted as a reviewer for the annual conferences of European Academy of Management (Euram), BAM, and International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR).


Personal profile


Experience and Expertise

Jieya has experience of being self-employed for one year as well as a year’s experience working in an Import and Export company. Her expertise lies in entrepreneurship-specific management knowledge, including Import and Export, entrepreneurship learning, ‘returnee entrepreneurs’, SME Internationalisation and family firms in China.


Research and Achievement

A Distinction for her MSc dissertation 'Marketing practice of minority entrepreneurs in a multinational environment: A multiple case study of small Chinese restaurants in Brighton and Hove', University of Brighton, 2016.

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