Ms Jewel Liddell

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Research interests

Land cover change is a major anthropogenic disturbance linked to biodiversity loss globally. Gold mining is common in many developing countries and have resulted in widespread deforestation and habitat degradation. Forest cover loss is known to have severe consequences for biodiversity.The Guiana Shield, particularly the 3 Guianas has exeperienced an unprecenedented increase in gold mining over the past decade. The areas's unique biodiversity is thus threateded by gold mining.   

I am interested in understanding the recovery of bird, mammal and tree species in areas disturbed by gold mining. Using a chronosequence, my PhD research will examine species recovery at temporal scales with the aim of understanding (i) threshold times required for species recovery to undisturbed status and (ii) the recovery of species diversity, richness and abundances after different times of mine abandonment.        

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