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Research Interests

I am interested in the impact of inequality on psychological and social processes.  Particularly in understanding whether psychological differences and similarities between groups can be leveraged to promote social equality and greater social cohesion.


PhD research

The majority of research looking at homelessness has been conducted by social policy makers and focuses on environmental factors related to homelessness.  There is fairly limited research into the psychology of homeless people.  I am exploring psychological characteristics of the homeless community, proposing that the experiences of homelessness may alter people's values and subsequent potential value differences create a barrier to homeless people reintegrating back into the wider community. 

The research continues from my MSc research which explored values, perceived value change, self-esteem and mastery in the homeless community.  The results of these studies suggest that homeless individuals do have different value profiles from people in privately rented or owned accommodation.

I am presently exploring the role of interventions, particularly regarding social contact and support, on the mental health, values and self-mastery of homeless people.  

Ultimately this research may be used as the basis for psychologically informed interventions designed to support vulnerable adults in society.  


Please follow the research on Twitter: @_jessicarea


Weekly workshops and lab classes for PS1010 (Research methods in psychology). 

Educational background

2012 - Master of Science, Psychology
Royal Holloway, University of London


2009 -Bachelor of Arts, Industrial and Organisational Psychology
University of South Africa

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