Dr Jessica Kingston

Personal profile


I am primarily interested in investigating the application of mindfulness, acceptance, and values-based psychological interventions for mental health difficulties. This includes the full spectrum of mild non-clinical experiences to severe and enduring mental health difficulties. I have a specific interest in understanding and treating symptoms of psychosis. I also have a special interest in examining the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for enduring conditions. Finally, I am interested in understanding how, when and why psychological interventions are beneficial.


My current research projects focus on:


1. Mindfulness for Persecutory Delusions (in clinical populations) and non-clinical paranoia.


2. Values and value-based goals for (i) reducing paranoid experiences and (ii) improving rehabilitation for people with acquired brain injury


3. Understanding self-processes in the development and maintenance of paranoid and narcissistic cognitions.


4. Understanding the role of ACT processes in anxiety and depression.


ID: 17515423