Dr Jennifer Storey

Jennifer Storey

Dr Jennifer Storey

Lecturer Criminology/Forensic Pschology

Phone: +44 1784 414966

Personal profile

My background is in forensic psychology, I received both my PhD and MA in forensic psychology at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada.


Research interests. My research is applied in nature and centers on interpersonal violence and violence risk assessment, risk management, and risk communication. The goal of my research is to identify and implement best practices in society’s responses to violence in order to minimize its impact on the well-being of victims. My main areas of expertise in interpersonal violence are elder abuse, stalking, and intimate partner violence. I work extensively with health, criminal justice, social work, and other agencies that respond to interpersonal violence. My work targets multiple aspects of these topics from (1) identifying a need, (2) conducting research to quantify the problem, (3) developing and testing violence risk assessment instruments designed to assist, (4) training professionals to implement such instruments, (5) evaluating instruments in terms of evaluator compliance and ability in using the tool, and (6) evaluating the utility and validity of the instruments in practice.


Training. As part of my research I also provide training on violence risk assessment, management, and safety planning. To date I have trained social workers, nurses, police, and mental health professionals as well as students.


Project examples. Ongoing projects that students I currently supervise are working on include projects on elder abuse, intimate partner violence, stalking and violence risk assessment in courts of law. For example, one current project on elder abuse is evaluating the practices of an elder abuse helpline run by social services and police. The project will evaluate the reporting and case management processes of the organization with the aim of improving triage, risk assessment, and reducing future violence. Another current project is looking at the use of violence risk assessment instruments by judges in high severity court cases. This project aims to identify how the instruments are being used to help judges make dangerous offender determinations and decisions about sentencing. All projects are centered on student learning and participation. Projects are aimed for publications with student authorship. Graduate and undergraduate focused projects are available.

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