Mr Jeffrey DeMarco

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Research interests

Jeffrey DeMarco is a forensic psychological, criminological and legal researcher. His doctorate on the topic of trust between ‘at risk’ youth and the police led to the development of a new psychometric tool gauging trust.  No longer working with RHUL, he is project managing the European Commission led investigation into police and industry strategies preventing online childhood sexual exploitation. He has worked with the Centre of Abuse and Trauma Studies (CATS) at Middlesex University on a range of projects, including an investigation into the difficulties and constellation of issues facing young victims of violence presenting in Emergency Departments and in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, an exploration of parenting and support programmes provided to offenders and their families within the community as well as the repercussions of the ‘silent sentence’. In addition the utility of different interviewing tactics in collecting eyewitness evidence; and the creation, adaptation and evaluation of counter-terrorism interviewing techniques for police officers. 

Educational background

2009-Present      PhD in Criminology                    Royal Holloway, University of London

2007-2009         M.Sc. in Forensic Psychology        University of London Metropolitan

2002-2006         B.Sc. in Psychology                    McGill University, Montreal, Canada


I have engaged in a wide variety of post-secondary teaching, from the running and construction of entire modules, lectures, seminars and tutorials.  Whilst working at Royal Holloway, I was charged with:

CR 2011   Social Research Methods

CR 2012   Data Analysis

CR 2013   Key perspectives in Criminology

CR 2015   Sociological and Psychological Perspectives on Violent Crime

CR 3005   Crime and the Media


Other work

DeMarco, J. (2013). Strange bedfellows: A multi-modal investigation of trust between ‘at-risk’ youth and the police. Paper to be presented at the 2013 Stockholm Criminology Symposium.

Ilan-Clarke, Y., Bunn, A., DeMarco, J., Bifulco, A., Criddle, J. and Haldsworth, G. (2013). Setting up a youth violence prevention project in a London hospital Emergency Department. Journal of Public Mental Health. 12(2), 80-92.

DeMarco, J. (2012). Working with my enemy: Findings from Volunteer Police Cadets experiences with the Metropolitan Police officers. Paper presentation given at Empress State, Research and Strategy Department, Metropolitan Police Services.

DeMarco, J. (2012). Alternative ‘education’ for anti-social youth. Paper presentation and report at the House of Lords exploring alternative routes to inclusion in excluded youth populations.

DeMarco, J. (2012). Public enemies: Qualitative findings from youth-police interactions in urban London. Paper presented at the 4th Annual Postgraduate Criminology Conference (Sheffield, August 2012).

DeMarco, J. (2011). Vulnerable populations and authority. Two-day workshop focusing on the importance of authoritative relationships (police-youth, teacher-youth) in preventing delinquency. 2nd Annual University Scholar Conference, Pattaya, Thailand.

DeMarco, J. (2010). Measuring trust between delinquent youth and criminal justice system professionals. Poster presentation at the 2nd Annual Postgraduate Criminology Conference (Cambridge, September, 2010). 

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