Miss Jasmine Virhia

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My research will investigate the neural underpinnings and brain areas involved in Verbal Serial Short-Term Memory. Studies will focus on reconceptualising, in perceptual-motor terms, phenomena that have typically been seen as indicative of a dedicated phonological short-term store. In using fMRI techniques I will explore the involvement of the cerebellum, supplementary motor areas and the intraparietal sulcus.

Educational background

2014 BA English Literature and Linguistics, Queen Mary University of London

2016 MSc Language Sciences, Linguistics with Neuroscience, University College London


I am currently a seminar leader of the following topics:

Psychology in the Media, Self and Society, Lifespan, Biological Foundations,  Psychology in the Real World, Ethics in Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Abnormal Psychology, Learning and Memory.


Other teaching work involves essay guidance, exam preparation and statistics.



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