Dr Jane Angell

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  • Erik Levi First/primary/lead supervisor


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My doctoral research, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, investigated the public discourse surrounding art music during World War One in England, concentrating on the music journals and certain daily newspapers' music pages, published during the war. This research situates art music more squarely within cultural histories of the period, and provides illumination into the art musical world, in its social, cultural and historical context, in this significant period of history.


Key findings include the recognition that the war was a time of examination, reflection and also opportunity for British musicians. It was also a time in which music was by many recognised as having a ‘mission’, that of national uplifting, sustaining and encouraging. The centrality that was given to art music by many with direct experience of fighting is also an important strand of this research, although this project concentrates on how such things were reported in and commented on in public fora in England.


I regularly present at conferences, including a paper on the International Musical Society's 1911 Congress in London, at an international conference at Monash University, Australia in September 2010. I took part in a one day conference on 'Cultural representations of London, c. 1900-1914: Music, Literature, Film, Historiography, as part of a postgraduate research panel at the Institute of Historical Research (http://www.history.ac.uk/events/browse/seminars/7089). I presented a paper in July 2012 at the biennial conference of the North American British Music Studies Association, at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, entitled, '"A Matter of National Importance": Isidore de Lara and the War Emergency Entertainment,." and a paper on Wagner's reception in England during the First World War at the conference, 'Richard Wagner: His World and Ours' at the University of Leeds in 2013.


I co-organised a one-day conference at the Institute of Musical Research in January 2013, Expressions of Britishness: Music and the Arts in the Twentieth Century http://events.sas.ac.uk/imr/events/view/12218. Together with Dr Rachel Moore (University of Oxford) and Dr Rupert Ridgewell (British Library) I organised a 3 day international conference at the British Library (29-31 August 2014) entitled The Music of War: 1914-1918. www.themusicofwar.org


Prior to coming to Royal Holloway, I completed a Masters degree in Buddhist Studies and the research I undertook for my dissertation was published in two volumes of Buddhist Studies Review (Vol. 23 Nos 1 and 2, 2006).

Recent Publications:

'Music and Charity on the British Home Front during the First World War', Journal of Musicological Research

Volume 33, Issue 1-3, 2014, Special Issue: Music and the Great War


ID: 8441