Dr James France

Educational background

Postgraduate Degree, Department of Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway, University of London. PhD thesis: ‘Chemical Oxidation in Snowpack’ submitted May 2008, completed October 2008.

First Degree, Department of Geology, Royal Holloway, University of London. MSci Geosciences: 1st Class (honours), Jun. 2004

Personal profile

Currently employed as part of a UN Climate and Clean Air Coalition /  Environmental Defence Fund project to investigate potential methane sources in the North Sea region.

2014-17. University of East Anglia, Responsible for the project management and scientific development of a new sea-ice laboratory facility.

2012-14 working on Arctic methane emissions using isotopic signatures in carbon to identify sources of methane to the Arctic as part of the MAMM project (Methane in the Arctic, Measurement and Modelling)

2009-12 Part of the OPALE (Oxidant Production over Antarctica Land and its Export) project measuring snowpack optical properties and spectral solar radiation to calculate photochemical rates of nitrate depletion within the snow cover at Dome C on the Antarctic plataeu.

Other interests include habitable planetary ices and ice extent during the snowball earth event.

PhD in snowpack chemistry and MSci undergraduate degree in GeoSciences

Research interests

Main research profile currently: Greenhouse gas emissions over the Arctic, UK and Southern Tropics.

Previously working on snow optical properties and pollution (such as black carbon) within snowpack on snow surface reflectance, snowpack chemistry and snow / ice as a habitat and rates of photochemistry occurring in snow and ice.

Minor ongoing research is looking into indentying absorbers in snowpack from measurements of optical properties, determining new terrestrial sites for Martian dust simulants and habitable zones in ice on other planets / moons.

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