Dr Jac Billington

Research interests

Current Research Project

I'm currently working with Professor Andy Smith, supported by the Leverhulme Trust. We are aiming to characterise the interaction between visual and vestibular stimulation in cortical regions know to process both vestibular and optic flow information present during egomotion. We are using a combination of psychophysical and MRI methods. 



Recent Research Projects

My previous postdoctoral work with Professor John Wann, supported by the BBSRC,  focused the neural basis of heading perception and steering.  One aspect of our research is discerning the neural basis of using future path information in order to anticipate changes in heading perception. We have recently found that whilst the human motion complex (MT+) was activated for detecting current heading, a region of superior parietal lobe was specifically involved in detecting future path for the purpose of anticipating changes in heading direction and thus improving. 

A related aspect of my research is looming detection and, more specifically, the involvement of human superior colliculus and pulvinar nucleus of the thalamus in such a task.  We have found that both these structures do respond to looming objects over and above salient but non-looming objects and may comprise of an early warning collision detection mechanism.




My work at Royal Holloway on the neural basis of perception for action has lead to a collaboration regarding motor overflow in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder with the Dr Melissa Licari at the University of Western Australia (UWA). 

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