Dr Innes M. Keighren

Personal profile

I am a historical geographer with research interests in geography’s disciplinary and discursive histories, in book history, and in the history of science. My work has examined, among other topics, the history of polar science and exploration; the origins of environmentalist thought in geography; eighteenth- and nineteenth-century travel writing; the communication of scientific knowledge in text, image, and speech; the popular and scholarly reception of scientific knowledge; and the circulation and diffusion of ideas. I welcome enquiries from potential postgraduate students or postdoctoral researchers interested in undertaking research in these areas.

Research interests

My current research—which focuses on the eighteenth-century Scottish travel writer William Macintosh, author of Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa (1782)—is supported by a Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust. You can find out more about my work by visiting my website, reading my blog, or following me on Twitter.

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