Miss Ilana Wisby

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  • Phil Meeson First/primary/lead supervisor


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Ilana Wisby graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, in 2012, obtaining an BSc in Physics with a minor in music. She is now a PhD student at Royal Holloway, working between the Quantum Detection group at NPL and the Quantum Devices group at Royal Holloway.

Ilana is supervised by Phil Meeson at Royal Holloway, and Alexander Tzalenchuk and Tobias Lindström at NPL.

Research interests

Ilana’s PhD is on hybrid quantum systems, where she is investigating hybrid systems: coupling between locally doped spin ensembles and superconducting quantum circuits. The work is motivated by applications in quantum information processing in the form of quantum memories and microwave–to-optical quantum transducers.


Ilana is a Physics and Maths tutor for GCSE and A level students in the local area.


National Physical Laboratory, Quantum Detection group

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