Dr Ibrahim Halawi


PR1500 -- Introduction to International Relations (first years)

PR2440 -- International Relations Theory (second years)

PR2460 -- Politics Outside the West (second years)

PR3600 -- Contemporary Middle East Politics (third years)

PR3640 -- Revolution and Counterrevolution in the Modern World (third years)

PR5432 -- Analysing International Politics (postgraduate)

PR5929 -- Political Economy of Development (postgraduate)

Research interests

Revolution and Counterrevolution (theory & history)

Middle East Politics (historical sociology & contemporary politics)


Fellow at The Sectarianism, Proxies and De-sectarianisation (SEPAD) project based at Lancaster University's Richardson Institute. 

Educational background

PhD in Politics

Thesis title: Towards a Relational Theorisation of Counterrevolution and Revolution: The Case of Modern Egypt 1805-2013

Award Date: 1 Jun 2019 (Royal Holloway University of London)


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