Mr Ibrahim Halawi

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Teaching Fellow in International Relations at the School of Politics, International Relations, & Philosophy.

Research interests

Ibrahim's doctoral thesis seeks to provide a new theorisation of revolution and counterrevolution as continuous, inter-related and evolving contentions over access to strategic resources. It departs from the traditional, romanticised emphasis on  'volcanic outburts' and responds to disappointing outcomes by studying both phenomena as processes that extend beyond the events to which they are traditionally reduced to. 

Based on this argument, his research seeks to fill in the academic poverty in theorising and understanding counterrevolution, taking the case of Egypt.

Educational background

PhD in Politics from Royal Holloway, University of London.

MSc in Contemporary Political Theory (Merit) from Royal Holloway, University of London.

BSc in International Economics, Minor in Political Science (Honour) from Lebanese American University.

Other work

Ibrahim was a political columnist for The New Arab (London-based al-Arab al-Jadeed newspaper's English section) before becoming its Commissioning Editor. The newspaper is printed and circulated across the Middle East in Arabic. It's English section provides unique and in-depth coverage of Middle East events and developments, as well as expert analysis.

He has also contributed regularly to the Middle East Eye, OpenDemocracy, Noon Post, among others (Link to some of his published articles below) 


Some of his articles were translated to French and Arabic.

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