Professor Humayun Ansari

Humayun Ansari

Professor Humayun Ansari

Professor of History of Islam and Culture

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The broad area of my research is the history of Islam and ethnic minorities in South Asia, though my primary focus now is Islam and the experience of Muslims in  Britain and other Western societies.  My academic research embraces ethnicity, identity, migration, multiculturalism, Islam in the West, Islamism, Islamophobia, radical Islamic thought and Muslim youth identities. As these themes are of a contemporary as well as an historical interest, my work spans the academic world, government and policymakers and community-level activity. Contemporary interest focuses on the two issues of security and social cohesion.

I have written extensively on subjects ranging from ethnic diversity and cross-cultural issues to Muslims in South Asia and Western societies and attitudes to jihad, martyrdom and terrorism among British Muslims. At present, I am preparing a scholarly edition of the Minutes of the London Mosque Fund and the East London Mosque Trust: 1910-1951 for the Camden Series of the Royal Historical Society. It  seeks to identify and explain the evolving relationship between Muslims and British society within the historical context of London during the course of the twentieth century.  The richness of this important archive - a unique cultural memory of what was a variegated British Muslim experience - means that this research, by tracing the communal and institutional evolution of Muslims in London and by delineating how their religious activity was shaped both locally and in relation to wider, national as well as international, developments, will lead to a more textured understanding of these developments and the place of Muslims within British society.  On a wider level I am also involved in a project on the migration and settlement of South African Jews in the UK.

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