Ms Helena Lefebvre

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Research interests

I am part of the John Adams Institute (JAI) for accelerator science within the particle physics group and the ATLAS collaboration at CERN. I work primarily on simulating the non-collision beam background (NCB) created in the LHC and mainly in the vicinity of the ATLAS detector and its impact on the sensitive parts of the detector, occupancy, and physics analyses.

The LHC will update to High luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) before 2025, which will increase the level of NCB and change its distribution. My project studies these changes with respect to the ATLAS detector and the possibility of using some subdetectors (such as the High-Granularity Timing Detector (HGTD) or the ITk) for identifying them.

Educational background

I graduated from McGill University with a MSc in Particle physics in 2017. My thesis involved developing a system of scintillating detectors for the measurement of machine induced background at the Belle 2 experiment.

I have completed my bachelor degree at the University of Cincinnati, graduating with BSc in physics and mathematics. During my studies, I was involved with the LHCb group working on a precise mass measurement analysis of a charmed baryon and I also developed an experiment for measuring the relativistic momentum of electron for the use of undergraduate advance lab.

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