Miss Heather Rumble

Supervised by

  • Alan Gange First/primary/lead supervisor


Research interests

My research focuses on the soil community present on extensive green roofs and their potential influence on plant cover.

As a man made environment, green roofs pose an excellent study site to increase our understanding of soil ecology. The communities present are relatively simple compared with ground level soil populations and many of the abiotic factors influencing green roofs are straighforward to record.

As well as increasing our understanding of soil communities, this project also aims to determine if soil communities present on green roofs can affect plant growth and whether these effects can be used to improve implementation of green roofs in the industry.

This is a multi-disciplinary project, studying organisms from bacteria up to microarthropods, plants and fungi. It uses a range of techniques, from simple identification skills to complex processes such as fatty acid analysis.

This research will enable us to determine what the soil food web on a green roof looks like and how this affects the way the roofs function and develop.


2009/2010 - Demonstrator, "Diversity of Life" and "Practical Field Ecology"

2010/2011 - Demonstrator, "Practical Field Ecology" and "Insects, Plants and Fungi"

2011/2012 - Demonstrator, "Practical Field Ecology" and "Insects, Plants and Fungi"

2012/2013 - Demonstrator, "Diversity of Life" and "Insects, Plants and Fungi"

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