Miss Hannah Connolly

Supervised by

  • Gary Lewis First/primary/lead supervisor

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Personal profile

My main research area centres around individual differences in social perception abilities. I am interested in examining core social skills such as emotion and identity recognition, and the affective factors which influence the different levels of these skills, such as autistic-like characteristics, alexithymia, empathy and social anxiety. I am also looking at demographic variables, including sex and age, that may contribute to these individual differences. One of my main research aims is to outline the latent variable structure of emotion recognition ability, and for this, I am using the statistical approach of structural equation modelling. I have previously worked with my supervisor Dr Gary Lewis at the University of York, looking at core personality traits and their association with the hostile attribution bias. 


I currently teach lab classes and computer workshops on the first year course Introduction to Psychological Research (PS1010), which gives new undergraduate students an overview of key statistical methods and experimental designs. 

Educational background

Psychology (BSc), University of York (2012-2015)

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