Miss Hannah Baumer

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Research interests

Research interests include the use of qualitative and quantitative methods to explore topics across the fields of forensic psychology and criminology, as well as sport and exercise psychology.

Specifically, the use of sport in prisons to promote psychological well-being, and the role that masculinity and gender play in prisoners' engagement with sport. Prior to completing a PhD research interests were focused on the field of forensic interviewing and detecting deception.

Outside of forensic settings research focuses on theories of motivation, particularly motivation to engage in sport and exercise and the impact of this on health outcomes.

Personal profile

Advisory Board member for the Alliance of Sport for the Desistance from Crime, actively engaged with individuals across the Criminal Justice System to promote the use of sport in prisons and develop a comprehensive understanding of what works from a policymaker and practical perspective.

Working for Cell Workout to develop a sports based intervention to be delivered in prisons across the UK.

Experience of teaching at undergraduate and secondary level. Leading on seminars for three years across undergraduate moodules in the School of Law at Royal Holloway including Introduction to Criminology, Research Methods and Statistics, and Prisons, and lecturing for the Prisons module. Development and delivery of four 6 week programmes based on prisons and law to secondary students as part of the Brilliant Club.

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