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A highly motivated, ambitious, and intellectually driven individual who strives to improve in all aspects of my personal, career and academic endeavours. Graduating in Business Information Systems and studying a PhD in Cybersecurity has taught be transferable skills which have made an independent thinker as well as a confident, curious, and passionate lifelong students. A diversified, analytical, investigative mindset has always been a strong skill of mine with a strong focus on long term career development and Education. 


Currently studying a MPhil & PhD in Cybersecurity and I am open to consultantcy and research activities and can work in any industry with any aspect of technology. 


BSc Hons Business Information Systems | University of Westminster | 2016 - 2019 


MSc Business Information Systems | Royal Holloway University of London | 2019 - 2020


PhD Cybersecurity | Royal Holloway University of London | 2022 - 2026 - Present 


Memberships & Groups: 


Member of UKAIS | UK Academy for Information Systems

DOS Research Group |  Digital Organisation and Society 


Projects & Research: 


Royal Holloway University of London | Research Assistant | Cyber Security Research Paper 2021

Topic: Cyber Security and organisational factors and leadership management 

  • Successfully written a literature review and conducted background research within social sciences in the context of cybersecurity.
  • Looking into human factors, social factors, economic factors, and what measures are in place with organisations tackling cyberthreats. Whilst writing this literature review, I have independently identified key pieces of information and data collected from journals and academic papers. 

Royal Holloway University of London – UK (Postgraduate Dissertation August 2020)

 Subject Area: AI, IoT and Machine learning: investigating Smart Technology impacts on the Healthcare     Sector in the UK.

  • In this research-based dissertation I have looked at IoT, Artificial Intelligence ML, Healthcare technologies, Smart Watches. The aim of the research was to understand how technology is being used and how accepted technology is in healthcare setting.
  • To gather information and data I have used a quantitative research method approach a survey was conducted to understand how members of public would use and accept the technologies.

University of Westminster UK – (Undergraduate Project May 2019)

Subject Area: Online booking Systems for GP using an Agile SCRUM Methodology

  • In this project I have researched different types of booking systems which are were being used by the NHS alongside the research I have created a booking system from scratch using programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • I have looked at data which involves attendance vs non - attendance at hospitals and GPs.
  • Research on how data can drive healthcare sector in the future; IoT is also very popular especially for diabetes management.

Cisco – A Day Visit – Online collaboration Tools and Data Centre| January 2020

  • By visiting cisco I was able to gain knowledge about different cloud services available and how cisco brings Networking, Security, Analytics and Management together.
  • At cisco I was able to learn about multi-cloud software’s, infrastructure, integrated solutions, and services. Whilst I was there, I had the opportunity to get hands on experience with Cisco’s video conferencing rooms and try out some of their latest Technologies and Tools which are used in video conferencing. 

SKY – Software Engineering Academy- Graduate Software Developer 
| 2019 

  • My time at SKY was involved in creating a mobile application for sky cinema my role was Software Developer, so I had the opportunity to showcase my coding skills and knowledge and to be able to apply that at Industry Level. During the day we used different software such as GitHub a hosting platform which allowed team members to have access to edit. To end our group work, we had a presentation to show other teams our mobile application and our Designing.  




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