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Gulay Icoz joined the department in 2007. She holds a BA in Politics from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and Master of Research in European Politics from Birkbeck College. Currently, she is writing her PhD on the role of the National Security Council in Turkey’s unsettled relationship with the European Union. Icoz taught 'Introduction to Politics and Government' to undergraduates over the last academic year and completed the INSTILL teaching training programme. HerJean Monnet Summer School Project, titled 'The Unknown future of Britain’s path-dependent support for Turkey’s accession to the European Union', published in Governance and Decision-Making in Turkey and the European Union: Prospects for Intercultural Dialogue in Turkey (2009). Icoz also presented at the UACES Student forum 9th/10th Annual Conferences at the University of Kent (2008) and University of Salford (2009).

Academia.edu page: http://royalholloway.academia.edu/gulayicoz

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