Mr Gregory Fenn

Supervised by

  • Carlos Cid First/primary/lead supervisor


Personal profile

PhD student in the Information Security Department, enrolled on the Royal Holloway Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security (CDT, 2014-2018).

My BA was in Mathematics and Philosophy at King's College London where, in particular, I studied much abstract algebra (e.g. Rings and Modules and Elementary Number Theory) and dynamic systems (e.g. Mathematics of Collective Behaviour).

The first year of my CDT gave me an overview of the key subjects of information security: cryptography, network security protocols, penetration testing, security management, software and web security, and also covered the geopolitical space in which security happens.

Current research interests are focused on cyber-insurance. I will be looking at economic models of such a market as well as questions about:
(1) Present lack of demand for cyber-insurance. That may be modelled with Game Theory, where the desire for insurance coverage has to be balanced against the cost of the insurance premium and the probability of receiving compensation when problems arise.
(2) Present lack of supply for cyber-insurance, that may be understood as a consequence of the high systemic risk that information and communication technologies face in a highly connected world, such systemic risk is both hard to measure and inevitably pushes up insurance premiums.
(3) Political dynamics, e.g. whether large companies that handle sensitive data should be obliged to take our cyber-insurance (and whether security companies should be barred from taking out such insurance).
(4) Mathematical models to predict systemic risk (i.e. the probability of a worst-case scenario). These models usually focus on the network topology that a business finds itself in (in terms of business acquaintances and communications links).
(5) Misaligned incentives, whereby the penalty for security failure does not fall on the people most to blame.

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