Dr Graca Brightwell

Supervised by

  • Philip Crang First/primary/lead supervisor


Personal profile

I have been at Royal Holloway since 2007. I first came as an international PhD student from Brazil and am now working as a research assistant for the project Leveraging Buying Power for Development – Ethical consumption and public procurement in Chile and Brazil. This is a project funded under the ESRC-DFID Poverty Reduction Programme (2011-2013) which brings together an interdisciplinary academic team based in UK, Chile and Brazil in collaboration with three campaign NGOs (one in each country).

This study weaves together my broad research interest in food and consumption, a theme which I explored in my PhD research (funded by the Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme and a Departmental Grant).

Whereas this current study is concerned with ‘ethical consumption’ my PhD research looked at ‘ethnic consumption’. More specifically it investigated the role of transnational food practices in the fashioning of diasporic and migrant cultures of Brazilians in London (see more on the tab Projects).

I am also secretary of the Brazilian Migration to the UK Research Group - GEB and assistant editor for the Journal of Wine Research. 


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