Mr Govind Songara

Research interests

My main area of interest are HPC grid computing technologies. I manage two Grid clusters:-

Tier-2 cluster for GridPP community, which consist of 4000 Job slots   and ~1.7 PB Storage.

Tier-3 cluster for local Particle Physics user; it has 600 job slots


Manage a highly reliable scalable system by monitoring and automation.
Involve in Hardware procurement, infrastructure design, benchmarking, performance tuning, system security hardening, virtualization, containerization.


I am having experience with batch system like Platform LSF, Torque/Maui, Slurm

Good experience with monitoring tools like Nagios, Ganglia, Grafana, ELK, Cacti.

Knowledge of shell scripting, different flavours of Unix, mysql, hdfs.

Configure/Manage the system using cobbler, puppet.


I am Member of the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN, GridPP UK.

Educational background

I studied undergraduate in Electronics & communication Engineering and master  in  Computer Science from Delhi University, India

ID: 11497