Mr Glenn Leaper

Research interests

Political & Critical Theory; contributions of German Idealism to ongoing debates in economic globalization;

Frankfurt School Philosophy, 1st-3rd generation; reorientation of theory towards concept of time;

Theodor W. Adorno; specialization in & towards political models mediated via theory of non-identity;

Legitimacy, Normativity & the Question of Reason vs. Freedom;

Instrumental Rationality; Critique of & challenges thereof in contribution to development of concepts of modern reason in democracies;

Technology Critique; the sociology of the objective determination of experience by technology / Bauman's critique of "liquid modernity"; 

Ideology; study of at crossroads between subjectivity, psychology, philosophy and politics;

International Relations; particularly intersection between traditional geopolitcs, the Global War on Terror, and the objective / technological determination of local experience and understanding of these, in light of the totalized loss of privacy, challenges to self-determining forms of mediation and the reification of identity online;

U.S. Politics (broad) / U.S. Foreign Policy / U.S. Electoral & Presidential Politics; 

Election Campaign Strategy - U.S., DK, anywhere that will have me;

European Affairs;

Danish Politics;

Nuclear Non-Proliferation; particularly humanitarian & normative dimensions of nuclear testing as prerequisite to broader legal measures;

The "truth" of subjectivity  

Educational background

Master of Arts, Literature

Bachelor of Arts, International Relations

ESL instructor

International Baccalaureate

Languages: English, Danish, French, German

ID: 18081