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In September 2011 I started my PhD in the Department of Earth Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Euan Nisbet, Dr David Lowry and Dr Rebecca Fisher. My current project is focused on the characterisation of methane sources in the SE of England, particularly in the London region, and it includes the use of a Picarro Mobile gas analyser and isotope analysis.

In May 2010 I graduated magna cum laude presenting a masters thesis on Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS), a technique for measuring the concentration of methane in a gaseous mixture from landfills.

During my University studies I got both a theoretical-practical grounding in order to be able to deepen and process different topics regarding natural and anthropological environments, but also to contribute to their preservation and sustainable development through dedicated research. I specialized in subjects such as Environmental Risk Analysis, Atmospheric Modelling and air monitoring.

I held a year-long Research Grant, awarded by the Department of Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry and Materials’ Science of Pisa University, from 06/2010 to 06/2011, with the subject “Development of Methods to Measure Methane Flux from Natural and Urban Area”, collaborating with a Research Centre which is active in the sectors of environmental and process engineering. 

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