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Research interests

Attic Oratory and Rhetoric

Cultural Memory


Cognitive Studies

Greek History 

Greek Literature 

Research interests (continued)

My research focuses on the role of positive, negative historical paradeigmata in the Attic orators. My project thus reconsiders the relation existing between the evaluation of the past and the oratory occasion, as well as the extent to which past events could be questioned or even manipulated by the orators.

This project also examines why, although often historically inaccurate, historical analogies can be in fact used successfully, not just in the speeches of Attic orators, but also in contemporary political debates. The effectiveness of historical examples as rhetorical arguments ultimately seems to depend on a combination of rational, emotional and ethical factors. 


CL1550: Greek History & the City State

Educational background


  • 2016 MA (cum laude) Philology and Ancient History, Università di Pisa, department of Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica. Il paradigma mitico negli oratori attici del IV secolo: tra continuità e innovazione. The mythological paradigm in the fourth- century Attic orators: between continuity and innovation.

  • 2014 BA (cum laude) Classics, Università di Pisa, department of Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica. Il Personaggio di Ermione nell’Andromaca di Euripide. Hermione’s character in Euripides’ Andromache.

Personal profile

Scholarships and Awards 

  • 2018           DAAD Research Grant - Humboldt University 
  • 2018           CA Conference - Bursary

  • 2017           CA Conference - Bursary

  • 2016           Reid Scholarship

  • 2015           Erasmus Plus Project-Fellowship 



  • Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies.

  •  International Society for the History of Rhetoric.


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