Mr Giovanni Cherubin

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Educational background

MSc Machine Learning (Big Data)

Royal Holloway, University of London

September 2013 - September 2014

BSc Mechatronics and Computer Engineering

Università di Pavia

September 2010 - July 2013 

Personal profile

My former education was in Classical Studies. I then received a BSc in Mechatronics and Computer Engineering from University of Pavia (2013). In 2014 I received an MSc in Machine Learning by Royal Holloway University of London, "Best Finalist award in memory of Alexey Chervonenkis".

From 2014, I joined the CDT at Royal Holloway University of London as a PhD student.

Research interests

My general interests:

  • Confident methods in Machine Learning (e.g., Conformal Prediction)
  • Theory of Statistical Learning
  • Privacy/anonymity-preserving protocols.

The goal of my current research is to develop practical methods based on the theory of Statistical Learning that provide security/privacy guarantees to anonymity protocols. My efforts are focused on a major class of traffic analysis attacks: Website Fingerprinting attacks.

I have also been interested in improving privacy/anonymity attacks that make use of Machine Learning (e.g., Website Fingerprinting and Membership Inference attacks), and on creating new defences to prevent them.

Past/current Projects

  • 2015-16, Application layer defences to Website Fingerprinting attacks.
  • 2016, Confident prediction for Hidden Markov Models.
  • 2015-, A formal approach to Website Fingerprinting (a major subclass of Traffic Analysis attacks), and derivation of guarantees which can be formulated for arbitrary countermeasures to this attack.
  • 2014, Conformal Clustering, a novel clustering technique based on Conformal Prediction. Application of the tecnique to Botnets traffic, with the goal of clustering together botnets of the same kind. (MSc dissertation).
  • 2013, Creation of a prototype of Automatic Speaker Verification system (ASV). (BSc dissertation).


I have been teaching assistant for the MSc course Data Analysis (CS5100) since 2013.

I have been teaching assistant for the BSc/MSc course Machine Learning (CS3920) from 2013 to 2015.

Other work

Research Intern

June-September 2016, Cornell Tech University

Supervisor: Prof. Thomas Ristenpart

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