Dr Georgios Rigopoulos

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I am currently a lecturer in Digital Innovation and Management at School of Business and Management. 

Prior to joining the College, I held several roles in Higher Education and industry for both public and private sectors and worked for a variety of institutions and organizations in the financial sector. 

My research interests span accross quantitative methods and operations research domain inculding among others Data Science and Decision Making, Group Decisions, Electronic Commerce and financial innovations, Business Data Analytics and Information Systems, and Big Data in terms of Information Systems.

I am also pursuing research in pedagogy to maximize effectiveness of teaching for the benefit of our students in terms of achieving their educational and career-related goals and aspirations. 

My aim is to demonstrate excellence in teaching, adding quality and value to student degrees. I I work with colleagues, students and a range of external stakeholders, like professional bodies, to achieve high quality content and the best recognition possible for our degrees and our students. 



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