Dr Gary Nichols

Research interests

Distributive Fluvial Systems: modern patterns of fluvial sedimentation in aggrading basins, three-dimensional architecture of fluvial successions (Cenozoic, Spain, Jurassic Colorado Plateau, worldwide)

Clastic sedimentology of continental systems: processes and products of sedimentation in ephemeral depositional systems: alluvial fans, ephemeral rivers, arid-zone lakes and aeolian settings (Cenozoic, Spain, Devonian offshore NW Scotland).

Sedimentology, stratigraphy and basin setting of high-latitude in coal-bearing paralic facies in a foreland basin setting (Cenozoic, central Svalbard).

Endorheic basins: sedimentary process and base-level controls on statigraphic architecture (Foreland basins N Spain, Devonian extensional basins offshore NW Scotland).

ID: 11627