Dr Gary Lewis

Research interests

My research is broadly concerned with the study of human individual differences. I have specific interests in personality, social attitudes, and social perception, and perhaps unsurprisingly these areas sometimes overlap. I have been using a range of methods to answer questions in these areas, including neuroimaging, quantitative genetics, and behavioural experiments.


Below are some of the questions I have been trying to answer over the last few years:

  • What role do genetic factors play in the etiology of social attitudes, such as in-group favoritism and prejudice?
  • What are the brain bases of individual differences in personality?
  • Do emotion recognition abilities generalize across modalities (e.g. face, body, voice)?
  • Is emotional/social intelligence distinct from cognitive (general) intelligence?
  • Does one's personality predict attitudes towards climate change behavior, moral sentiment, political ideology, among others?


Please get in touch if you have any questions about these lines of research, or if you would be interested in doing postdoctoral or PhD research in these areas.


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