Mr Frank Engelmann-del Mestre

Personal profile

German Language Coordinator

room: International Building 1.07

office hours: Tue 11-12 / Thu 11-12 / or by alternative arrangement


Frank Engelmann-del Mestre studied English, Philosophy/Ethics and Psychology at the Technische Universität Dresden in order to become a teacher for secondary schools. He completed his Erstes Staatsexamen with a thesis on 'Science Fiction as Postmodernism: Philip K. Dick and the Human Condition'. He also studied and completed a course in Deutsch als Fremdsprache at Kassel University. He has worked in the UK at the Universities of Birmingham and Oxford Brookes before joining Royal Holloway in 2007 as DAAD-Lektor.


language teaching:

  • GM1009 - German Language I: Deutschland und die Deutschen
  • GM2009 - German Language II: Current Affairs and Preparation for the PRA
  • GM3009 - German Language III: Schreiben, Sprechen, Hörverstehen


content teaching (past and present):

  • GM2119 - Introduction to Modern European Philosophy
  • ML1101 - Reading European Film
  • ML1102 - The Birth of European Film

Other work

'A Late 18th-Century Ballad Opera and John Wilkes: The Bow-Street Opera (1773)' in John Gays 'The Beggar's Opera' und die Folgen: Die Rezeption der Bettleroper in der zweiten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts, ed. Uwe Böker (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2006).

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