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Franco Zappettini holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics and Communication (Birkbeck, University of London). His academic interests include:

-        The social construction of identities in particular from organizational, cultural, political, and transnational perspectives;

-        Critical Discourse Analysis and the application of linguistics to Social Theory

At Royal Holloway, he is working in the School of Management on a research project with the Head of School, Professor Jeffrey Unerman, investigating the evolving impact of new forms of sustainability reporting on organizational identities and the construction of sustainability in organizational discourses.


Journal Articles:

Atalianis, L., Zappettini, F. (in press) “Networked’ Identities: Changing Representations Of Europeanness” Critical Discourse Studies. 11:4

Zappettini, F. (in press) “A Badge Of Europeanness’: Shaping Identity Through The EU’s Institutional Discourse On Multilingualism”. Journal of Language and Politics. 13:3

Zappettini, F., Comanaru, R. (under review) “Bottom-Up Perspectives On Multilingual Ideologies In The EU: The Case Of A Transnational NGO” Journal of Contemporary European Research

Zappettini, F. (2010) “Negotiating LGBT identities in Italy: an intercultural perspective" Cultus: the Journal of Intercultural Mediation and Communication, Issue 3, p. 115-135


Book Reviews

Zappettini, F. (2013) Saric et al. Contesting Europe’s Eastern Rim Cultural Identities in Public Discourse. Bristol: Multilingual Matters. Journal of Language and Politics, 2012, 12:2, p. 305 – 309

Zappettini, F. (2012) Krzyzanowski, M. The discursive construction of European identities. A multi-level approach to discourse and identity in the transforming European Union International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism Volume 15, Issue 5, p.613-617

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