Professor Francisco J. Hernández-Molina

Personal profile

Dr. Hernández-Molina is a specialist in sedimentary processes, seismic stratigraphy and basin analysis, and is experienced in core description and sediment structures identification. His research focuses on deep-marine sedimentation and the influence of bottom-current circulation along continental margins as well as the study of contourites and hybrid depositional systems in both low latitude (e.g. Gulf of Cadiz) and high latitude (e.g. Antarctica). He has worked on different continental margins, and has particular expertise on the continental margin of the Gulf of Cadiz, South Atlantic and Antarctica, where he has been involved in many oceanographic national and international cruises and research projects. He is leading “The Drifters” Research Group (RHUL, UK) and a Join Industry Project (JIP) about “Contourites”.

ID: 17509513