Professor Felix Driver

  1. The mobile museum: economic botany in circulation

    Driver, F., Cornish, C. & Nesbitt, M.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £517,249


    Project: Other

  2. The Indigenous map: native information, ethnographic object, artefact of encounter

    Driver, F.

    Arts and Humanities Research Council/Royal Geographical Society: £78,648


    Project: Research

  3. Expeditionary Film, Geographical Science and Media Culture

    Driver, F.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £64,128


    Project: Research

  4. AHRC Cultural Engagement Fund: Re-Enchanting Economic Botany

    Driver, F. & Cornish, C.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £10,100


    Project: Research

  5. The Visual Culture of Exploration: Major Research Fellowship

    Driver, F.

    Leverhulme Trust: £162,858


    Project: Research

  6. Hidden Histories of Exploration: exhibiting geographical collections

    Driver, F.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £168,799


    Project: Research

  7. Fashioning diaspora space: textiles, pattern and cultural exchange between Britain and South Asia

    Crang, P., Driver, F., Breward, C., Crill, R., Ashmore, S., Derrington, S. & Scalway, H.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £450,152


    Project: Research

  8. Colonial copyright and the photographic image (ESRC)

    Driver, F.

    British Library: £12,900


    Project: Research

  9. Hidden Histories of Exploration (AHRC)

    Driver, F. & Jones, L.

    Royal Geographical Society: £4,500


    Project: Research