Ms Esin Paca Cengiz

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  • John Hill First/primary/lead supervisor


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Esin Paça Cengiz holds a BA degree in Film and Television, a diploma in film-making from Czech Republic and a Master's degree in Communication Studies.  She is currently a PhD candidate at the Media Arts Department, Royal Holloway, University of London and writing on the representation of history in contemporary cinema in Turkey. Her research interests include historiography and film, representation of history in film, film and memory, film theory and political cinema.


"Remembering Absence in National History : Critical Films in Turkey" NECS Conference : Time Networks : Screen Media and Memory, Lisbon, 21-23 June 2012.
"How Do We Remember the Past?:The Return of History in Film" New Directions in Turkish Film Studies XIII : Cinema and Memory,  Kadir Has University, 3-5 May 2012.
 “History, Memory, and the Experience of Historical Time in Su Friedrich's The Ties That Bind” (with Louise Spence), XVIII International Film Studies Conference: The Archive, Udine, 5-7 April 2011.
 “Pushing the Boundaries of the Historical Documentary: Su Friedrich‟s The Ties That Bind,” (with Louise Spence) Visible Evidence Conference XVII, Bogazici University, 9-12 August 2010.
 “History and Memory in Turkish Cinema” NECS Conference, Istanbul, 24-27 June 2010.
 “Film as a Tool to Re-write History,” New Directions in Turkish Film Studies XI: Cinema and New, Kadir Has University, 6-8 May 2010.


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